Training with Nick has improved my basketball significantly with my athleticism. Also my quads have grown bigger, and now my teacher keeps nagging me and calls me ‘Squats’. I can now just grab the ring since I have a better vertical leap, and I think I will be able to dunk with a tennis ball in the future.

Thanks for everything


I’m an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and have been training solo for the last few years. Thankfully I met Nick who corrected a lot of my techniques particularly with my bench press, resulting in immediate gains. This gave me confidence to compete in my first power lifting competition last year. I’d definitely recommend Nick to anyone who’s looking for coaching with technique, increasing strength or getting through any plateaus with training.


I came to Nicks strength shed over the weekend to improve my lifts, mainly the squat.
He assessed my movements professionally with his knowledge as an exercise physiologist and by working with physios. During the assessment there were many mobility issues uncovered. By the end of it, there was definite improvement in my range of motion and movement, also the confidence that it will keep improving.
Ill certainly be back to see Nick!