Lessons From the Performance Summit

It has been a week since the success of the First ever Performance Summit.

There is power in reflection to solidify lessons learned, wins and improvements that can be made for next time

The Performance Summit was a event designed to build community, connection and raise the standard of the health/fitness industry.

The prep from idea to completion of event went for 5 months. It started as an idea that that scared me and finished last week as a successful event.

Here are some of the lessons learned/engrained on the way, i share these in the hopes it can help someone else aswell.

1. Start and figure it out on the way

After returning from travelling abroad in USA and Europe last October, I was getting back into coaching and setting up the plan for the next chapter of my life.

I was speaking to a friend and mentor Shane Roenne from Rouse Hill Physio and he said i should run a workshop end of 2018. I replied that running workshops was in my long terms goals but not a priority at that moment.

While driving a couple of weeks later the idea of a workshop with a wide variety of coaches came into my head. My guess here is that Shanes recommendation combined with the recent experiences overseas resulted in my subconscious putting them together. I remember getting excited and thinking it had to be done.

I couldnt stop thinking about the event. The mission – build community in the industry, raise the standard, inspire people to keep learning and trying new modes of training, get people uncomfortable and enjoying it.

I was running through the coaches to ask, the topics, and the energy in the room with a awesome bunch of people training together.

Soon after i started asking the coaches if they would be interested, and Dan Lucchini told me he was in. Dan also told me to put a post out ASAP announcing that something was in the works. The lead up was to start instantly – no plan at all yet, but just to start.

Piece by piece we started planning, everything coming together for the event on March 30/31st at Alpha Athletes.

One of the biggest lessons learned from the process – just start with SOMETHING no matter how small, and keep going. So that goal that you want, the thing you know you really want to do. Just start. Could be writing a plan, anything. Then Do not stop.

Here is the first Performance Summit content that went out in November

2. Things are better with other people

I was scared and nervous at the start of the preparation for the Summit. Personally i had never organised an event before.

One of the things that made this process so enjoyable was being able to do it with 5 other coaches I respect and am lucky to call friends.

The amazing group of people we had attend and contribute made it all worth it.

3. Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone

This is something that is said so regularly it has started to lose its effect. This is why the event was set up how it was – long days, physical, getting up and close with people you dont know – to FEEL the discomfort.

When you feel the uncomfortable and come out the other side on top – it is much more powerful than words.

I cannot understate how important it is to constantly push into your comfort zone for growth and to achieve what you want.

The idea of running a workshop of this scale, leading a team of 6 coaches was something previously thought impossible for my capabilities. Now the comfort zone is pushed further out and its time for some growth and bigger goals.

On our Strength FM podcast Chris Aslan and I talked about some strategies for getting out of your comfort zone – one was to commit to doing one uncomfortable thing everyday for a period of time – example for 30 days. This could include a cold shower or complimenting someone you dont know. Your comfort zones – your choice. Consistently do things just outside of the comfort zone – Then it becomes a habit.

Getting outside the comfort zone will never be easy – it the nature of it. However, each time you break it the zone gets bigger, and you are forced to reach for loftier goals to break it with time. Before you know it you are a different person achieving things you previously thought impossible

4. Remember your WHY

The make the Performance Summit a success, all decisions had to be compliant with the objectives we wanted to achieve.

It was about building the community and raising the standard of a saturated industry. One of the ways we did this was supplying food and refreshments from Fran Buffet (Performance Playground) and Platters from Platters by Paris.

Everyone stayed together during breaks and got to know each other. It was awesome to recover and recharge together as a group in between work blocks. Plus, Eating together is powerful for connection.

If the Summit was about money and profit we would not have supplied quality fresh food. But this movement is not about money, its about the connection and the raising of the industry standard.

Remember your WHY, and do not compromise on it.

5. You have to make a call

One of the things that scared me the most throughout the early stages of the prep was leading a team of coaches i respect and think highly of. I didnt want fail in front of them as I respect their opinion

The lessons learned here:
-its not about my feelings or how i look, its about the team and the mission.
-Not everyone is going to agree on everything. Calls have to be made

6. Do not stand too close to the wall on med ball throws..

I hope you learned something from the process so far. If you did send me a message would love to know.

Nick Mudaliar

Part 2 coming soon

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