Strength Training for Youths

A paper was published in 2012 called the “Youth Physical Development model”, and it is at aimed at providing a logical and evidence based approach to developing physical performance in young athletes.

Its no surprise that it recommends muscular strength should be a priority at all stages of development for both males and females due to both performance and health benefits. For the performance side, muscular strength is associated with a wide range of physical attributes, including running speed, power, agility and even endurance. Getting a head start on strength training can give you the edge over your competition who decides to wait till physical maturity to start strength training.

The health benefits include and are not limited to increased bone density and reduced injury risk. The 2011 National Athletic Trainers Association Position Statement on Prevention of Pediatric Overuse Injuries suggests that approximately 50 percent of overuse injuries sustained by youth athletes could be prevented if they were more physical prepared to participate in competition, and therefore all pediatric athletes should begin by establishing a good general-fitness routine that encompasses strengthening, endurance, and flexibility. Athletes who lack strength are more likely to sustain an injury than well-built, muscularly developed individuals. With all of the multi-directional movement and high forces involved in sports, it’s crucial for athletes to have adequate muscle mass and connective tissue strength to to protect bones and tissues from compressive forces.

It is also essential that correct movement patterns are mastered to ensure safe and effective performance of more complex sports movements at a later stage.

If you are not including a proper strength training program in your offseason and/or are using crappy movement patterns you are exposing yourself to injury and limiting your potential performance.

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