Nick 190kg squat

After a 13 month lay-off from competition I returned to the powerlifting platform on November 7. It was a good day of lifting in front of a vocal crowd. I weighed in my lightest competition weight ever of 81.15kg.

I equaled my competition PB squat of 190kg, which was a nice suprise as the biggest squat I had done in training leading up to the competition was 175kg for one rep. I amanged to hit a nice 5kg bench PB of 117.5kg. Deadlifts however didnt go as planned – my 220kg first attempt went smooth, 235kg had good speed but I got red lighted for putting it down before the command. I ended up going for broke on the 3rd attempt to get a placing. We called for 250kg but I couldnt get it past my knees. The bar pulled me forward, reviewing the video it looks like I set my knees too far forward over the bar.

A big thanks to the Adonis Athletics coaches and crew, and my mates who took the time to come down and support on the day. Offseason has started, I am looking forward to a big year of lifting next year.

Here is my 190kg squat:

Video of my 117.5kg bench press:

250kg deadlift miss:

-Nicholas Mudaliar (Strength Shed Head Coach)

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