Experience with 60 hour Fast

Fasting proctols are gaining popularity and becoming more common – more people are using protocols such as intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, 5/2, warrior diet and others.

Some might be thinking what are the benefits of fasting? Dont we need to eat

The benefits of fasting include:
-autophagy: clearence/destruction of dead and damaged cells. This can reduce inflammation which can be attributed to various diseases. “Autophagy has a role in “preventing diseases such as cancer, neurodegeneration, cardiomyopathy, diabetes, liver disease, autoimmune diseases and infections.”(1)
-Improve insulin sensitivity – this makes it easier to liberate bodyfat and can play a part in reversing insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
-increased productivity from not having to prepare large amounts of food, carry tupperware containers everywhere or eat 5 meals per day
-Mental focus and clarity
-Can be used to push the body into ketosis which means using fat as w preffered fuel source

Last Wednesday 5pm was the end of a 68 hour fast with the keto reboot from Pruvit. Why did i do this?

The main reasons:
-new experiences lead to new possibilites. Keep doing the same things and you will get the same results. New experiences allow possibility for change and progress

-I have previously had trouble getting my bodyfat To 12%. Body fat has drooped from 21% in february to 15% pre fast. Working in the health and fitness industry I need to be able to get people to their ideal bodyfat percentage – by me working towards and achieving my ideal body composition means I can be a better coach. I will have more to give

-To test fastings ability to push me into fat sdaptation by tracking ketone levels, which increase during fasting
-Ketone bodies are produced in the liver from fat when stored glucose in the body is depleted from carbohydrate intake and/or exercise – this a alot of research showing that ketone bodies have positive effects such as anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity and glucose levels and can have brain protective effects

-Track glucose levels: there is a alot of research showing that ketogenic diets can reverse type 2 diabetes and improve insulin sensitivity. Positive changes could mean it could be effective in this population group

-Ketone bodies are produced in the liver from fat when stored glucose in the body is depleted from carbohydrate intake and/or exercise – this a alot of research showing that ketone bodies have positive effects such as anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity and glucose levels and can have brain protective effects.

-Another benefit of prolonged fasting for fat loss is that it can help you gain control over food. Purposely not eating for 60 hours will give you more control when those cravings kick as you will know you can go a little longer without food until you have access to good food.

    The Fast / Keto Reboot

-The fast itself involved no food and a keto reboot kit from Pruvit – exogenous ketones, bone broth mix, relaxing tea before bed and dna-repair capules.

Day 1
On the weekend prior to the reboot i pushed myself out of ketosis by eating regular diet for two days. On the monday at the start of the fast my ketone levels were 0.

-A Virta health study showing high rates of Type 2 Diabetes reversal and lowered medication use aimed to keep people at 0.5-1.5mmol/level of the ketone BHB.

Glucose levels were 4.4mmol fasted

8:15pm the first Night of the first day of the fast ketone levels had increased to to 0.6mmol/L. A pretty fast increase – thhowever this is including two Pruvit Keto/OS Max packets during the day.

Day 2
Start of the second day Ketones were at 0.3mmol/L.

What I am thinking here is that the drop from 0.6mmol from last night is that the exogenous ketones have been used/cleared and 0.3mmol reading is showing that the body is now in a low level ketogenic state where is it actually now creating ketones from available bodyfat stores.

Glucose was a little higher on morning of day 2 at 5.2mmol/L

Night Ketone levels were at 0.7mmolL, again 2 Pruvit Keto-OS Max packs during the day.

The afternoon of the second day is when i had the most energy and focus which was suprising.

I fely very focused and alert, actually had trouble sleeping as I felt very awake, so ended up working and reading until early morning.

    Day 3

Morning ketone levels skyrocketed on the morning of Day 3, sitting at 1.6mmol/L

Glucose levels in the liver have decreased and now i am in ketogenesis, where it is producing ketone bodies from available fat stores.

The higher levels of ketone bodies will now help preserve muscle mass, create mental clarity/focus and redice inflammation.

Morning glucose levels small drop from day 1 sitting at 4.1mmol/L.

Night time ketone levels dropped to 0.6mmol after eating at lunch – had Salmon Fillets.

I am thinking the insulin levels from the lunch caused the ketone levels to drop.


Bodyfat was 15.4% pre fast, dropped 5% to 14.9% with slight drop in muscle quality.

2 days after the fast bodyfat dropped 1% to 13.9%.

I am thinking here the increased fat burning as evident from higher ketone levels is causing the bodyfat to keep dropping.

-One day of fasting allowed my body to go into low level ketosis
-2 days of fasting and my body was well into ketosis and creating ketones from available fat stores
-A supported fast like the reboot is a quick way to start getting the body adapted for bodyfat useage

-Glucose levels stayed fairly consistent, with a slight drop in day 2. I am interested to see the real time effects in insulin resistant and Type 2 Diabetics – i am expecting a big drop. If anyone wants to participate or knows someone that would benefit get in contact with myself, as I will be running this again in June.

-hunger levels were under control, never really felt ravenously hungry
-Felt focused amd alert towards the end of the first day, which peaked the second half of the second day

Overall it was a great experience, and will be writing another article soon with the results of the next couple of days after the fast.

To be involved in the next Keto Reboot along with tens of thousands of others in June let me know. This is changing peoples beliefs and lives, you do not want to miss out!

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(1) Glick D, Barth S, Macleod KF. Autophagy: cellular and molecular mechanisms. The Journal of pathology. 2010;221(1):3-12. doi:10.1002/path.2697.

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