Early Morning Warm Up

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The warm up is a vital part of a training session. It serves to minimize your injury risk and allows you to extract the most benefits from your session by improving your outputs and technique. It is also the perfect time to address any imbalances or deficiencies you have which may be hindering your progress or increasing injury risk long term.

At the Shed we break our warm ups into the following parts:
1. General drill – increase blood flow and suppleness of muscles. E.g jump rope
2. Mobility drills- This is broken into two parts. Based on our initial assessment with each athlete there is an individual part which is specific the needs of that athlete. The second part is aimed at ensuring there is adequate mobility for the exercises being performed that day. For example, if you are doing overhead movements then the mobility section would include overhead drills to ensure there is a solid overhead position for shoulder health and performance.
3. Movement Prep – Here we use drills to make sure that there are good movement patterns for the exercises in the session. E.g. if you are squatting then goblet squats can be used to start grooving the squat pattern. A big part of this section is also trunk stability drill since pelvis and spine position is so important for staying healthy and performing well.
4. Specific drills – Now we start preparing the athlete for the movements they will be doing in the session. E.g warm up sets of the exercises.
5. CNS excitation – Priming the nervous to go all out for maximum power. Jumps, throws, and kettlebell exercises work well here.

-Nick (Head Coach at The Strength Shed)

See an example of our warm up system in action below:

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