Stronger and Healthier Shoulders with Deeper Dips : Part 1

Contrary to old stigma of them beating up and destroying shoulders, deep dips are fantastic for shoulder health and performance.⠀

Working a deep dip helped me get my first ring muscle up and cleared up some old niggling shoulder issues i used to have. ⠀

Deep dips are great for:⠀

➡️Getting your first or cleaning up muscle up technique

➡️Contributing power to arm drive when running⠀

➡️Strong and resilient shoulders⠀

➡️Contributing power to jumps requiring arm swing⠀

Like with any movement if you go through the proper progressions and take time to build the foundations it can be  performed safely⠀

Part 1 of our dip series goes into how to start opening up and adding capacity to your shoulder extension⠀


Before we start going through deep push ups and dips we need to build:

➡️Scapula movement awareness and knowing how to position them

➡️Joint and connective tissue capacity in an extended position – joints and connective tissue adapt slower than muscles, so we need to improve their ability to get into extension and to handle load there.

Here are two prepatory exercises we use to get ready for deep dips:

Table tops: 2 x 10 reps 2-4 times per week


Dowel Extension:

2 sets x 30 seconds 2-4 times per week


Part 2 will go into how to apply this to deep push ups and then dips to improve force production

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