Carissa’s Assessment at The Shed

On May 21st The Strength Shed welcomed Elite Australian female wrestler Carissa Holland and Rich from R3 Nutrition Co to the Strength Shed. The aim of the session was to assist Carissa with her rehab from right knee LCL reconstruction surgery earlier in the year.

Carissa is currently focused on making the Australian Olympic women’s wrestling team to compete in Rio next year. Upon discussion with Carissa, she wanted to be able to sustain repeated sprint and plyometrics training. She is an inspirational young athlete, and you can learn more about her journey here. R3 Nutrition Interview with Carissa Holland

Results of the testing:
-Good ability to brace the midsection
-Good hip hinge movement pattern
-Good squat movement pattern
-Good ankle dorsiflexion range of motion
-Good thoracic and lumbar spine range of motion
-Poor single leg stability
-Tight hip flexors
-Poor rotational stability around the midsection

The Deficits

    Poor single leg stability

Watch a bit of the below video and you will see how important it is to be strong in both single and double leg positions if you wants to dominate in wrestling. Carissa tested well in double leg positions but lacked in her single leg control.

    Poor trunk rotational stability

Being able to separate the hips and shoulders is vital to generating the rotational power needed for deadly throws and takedowns. Carissa tested very well in her ability brace her midsection, but had trouble with her rotational stability. See below for how we began to correct this.

    Tight hip flexors

When a muscle is “tight” and has excess tension, it makes it harder for the antagonist/opposite muscle to contract forcefully. Tight flexors means reduced gluteal contraction, and the glutes are one muscle you want on 100% in wrestling. They will assist in generating the massive hip drive needed for powerful throws and takedowns.

    The Initial Program
    Upper body rolling for rotational stability- 2 sets of 6 each side

In this video you will see before and after footage of Phil rolling. This is exactly what we saw in Carissa aswell, initially the legs would want to assist with the roll. After a few sets of upper body rolling there was massive improvement.

    Hip Flexor Stretch x 1 minute each side

-To reduce tone in the hip flexors to allow improved glute contraction in the following exercises

    Half Kneeling Chop – 3 x 12e/s

-The Half kneeling position is great for reducing hip flexor tone,activating the glutes and improving hip and trunk stability

    Glute Wall March – 2 x 10e/s

    Single Leg Deadlift – 3 x 12e/s

-Now that the glutes are contracting well, it is time to strengthen them with some single leg deadlifts. Carissa had good technique so this is a good starting point for her.
-This exercise can get butchered sometimes, if you find yourself not being able to perform a good single leg deadlift, see the video below for some regressions and progressions for later.

Carissa Holland is a recent Commonwealth Games Glasgow athlete for the Womens wrestling team. She divides her time between coaching kids wrestling and wrestling for MMA at Martial Arts Development. Along with these titles Carissa provides specialist health and wellness coaching running private sessions for both individuals and groups, and is also a qualified massage therapist.

You can find Carissa and get in touch via her website or through various social media platforms –
If you would like a half price Movement Assessment at Strength Shed to see what you can do to minimize your injury and skyrocket your performance contact [email protected], and mention this article before June 17th!

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