Combat Athlete Session at The Shed

Some footage from a combat athlete session at the Shed. In the video BJJ athlete Nick is performing some homemade mace swings and Miguel is smashing some kettlebell rows. These exercises improve rotational stability and power which are vital for being able to punch, throw, and tackle with violent force. For more information about the importance of... Read More

Miguel’s First Session at The Shed

Miguel came into the Strength Shed for a movement assessment and strength testing. In the movement assessment we found a left leg motor control issue and spent some time performing drills to start correcting the imbalance. After we went over some squat technique and Miguel hit a 5kg PB. Stay tuned we are going to... Read More

Easy Method to Assess Ankle Range of Motion to Screen For Injury Risk and Performance Limitation

Ankle mobility deficiencies can sometimes go unnoticed to the untrained eye due to compensations that can occur higher up the chain. Significant ankle dorsiflexion limitations (being able to lift your foot up) can cause havoc during squatting type movements, and can lead to injury to team sport athletes requiring changes of direction. Some of the... Read More

Lessons From the Best in the World

Last year I had the opportunity to meet and train with some of the world’s best powerlifters. This post is about the things I repeatedly heard from the top guys, and they can be applied to any goal you wish to pursue, not just lifting. Success leaves clues, and these are some of the ones... Read More