Strength Shed Program: Volume 1 Ebook released!

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New Squat PB for Coach Nick

Went into the gym today feeling pretty good. As I went through my warm up sets I knew a PB was coming, the warm up sets felt light and moved fast. The end result was a 170kg x 4 high bar squat followed by 3 x 4 at 165kg.

Early Morning Warm Up

The warm up is a vital part of a training session. It serves to minimize your injury risk and allows you to extract the most benefits from your session by improving your outputs and technique. It is also the perfect time to address any imbalances or deficiencies you have which may be hindering your progress... Read More

Big PB’s for Phil

Big Sunday PB’s at the Shed. Phil just completed a 12 week training cycle through our online programming and tested his maxes this week. Phil squatted 150kg (20kg PB), hit his first 100kg bench (10kg PB) and smoked a 172.5kg deadlift (22kg PB). As a way of saying you for the support the Strength Shed... Read More

Training Week Highlights 8.6.15

The last couple months of training have been really good, feels like I have some momentum going forward. Love that feeling. Bodyweight is back down to 84.5kg , so looks like I will be able to make the 83kg class for my next competition around September/October. In the video below are my top sets of... Read More

BJJ Athlete Nick’s Early Morning Session

A description of BJJ Athlete Nick’s 6am session at the Strength Shed. The temperature was 3 degrees celcius outside: it was cold as hell inside the shed and the equipment was freezing. The first thing we did was extend the warm up to make sure injury risk was minimised and performance maximised. The session: 1A: Trap Bar Deadlift: 145kg 3... Read More