Lessons From the Performance Summit

It has been a week since the success of the First ever Performance Summit. There is power in reflection to solidify lessons learned, wins and improvements that can be made for next time The Performance Summit was a event designed to build community, connection and raise the standard of the health/fitness industry. The prep from... Read More

Experience with 60 hour Fast

Fasting proctols are gaining popularity and becoming more common – more people are using protocols such as intermittent fasting, time restricted eating, 5/2, warrior diet and others. Some might be thinking what are the benefits of fasting? Dont we need to eat Regularly? The benefits of fasting include: -autophagy: clearence/destruction of dead and damaged cells.... Read More

Building Nick’s 200kg Deadlift

Last week BJJ Athlete Nick repped out his old deadlift 1RM of 200kg for three reps. In this article I will outline the methods we used to build Nick’s deadlift. Programming for serious combat athletes like Nick can be tricky as they have many physically demanding and long skills training sessions each week. This must... Read More


After a 13 month lay-off from competition I returned to the powerlifting platform on November 7. It was a good day of lifting in front of a vocal crowd. I weighed in my lightest competition weight ever of 81.15kg. I equaled my competition PB squat of 190kg, which was a nice suprise as the biggest... Read More

Considerations for Using Bands and Chains

BJJ athlete Nick benching with chains for improved power output. Nick’s next comp is approaching so this last training cycle utilized a chain bench as his horizontal push exercise for the development of explosive pushing power Bands and chains can be useful for increasing your power output- think of this as your ability to generate... Read More

Strength Training for Youths

A paper was published in 2012 called the “Youth Physical Development model”, and it is at aimed at providing a logical and evidence based approach to developing physical performance in young athletes. Its no surprise that it recommends muscular strength should be a priority at all stages of development for both males and females due... Read More