Company Values

The Strength Shed Company Values include:


When set yourself a goal, you must attack it with relentless pursuit in order to achieve it – this is what we ingrain into our clients at the Strength Shed. When you start training with this mentality, you will achieve results and it will start to become in-built into your character and carryover into your other pursuits. The Strength Shed staffs are fully committed to your results, as you must be to yours.


When the Strength Shed says our mission is to “Unlock Your Inner Athlete” we mean it, and we hold nothing back when providing our services. Our clients results are our first priority and the results speak for themselves! We will not sugar coat advice, we will give you our honest opinion on what you need to take your performance to the next level. In return, we expect you to be honest with staff and members.


We are constantly assessing and educating ourselves to improve our services so we can keep you ahead of your competition. From training, nutrition, recovery all the way to a stronger mindset no stoned is left unturned as we seek advancement in our field.