About Nick



  • Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach with ASCA
  • Master of Exercise Physiology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science)
  • MovNat Level 1 Trainer


  • Competitive Powerlifting (Current Best lifts include 190kg squat, 120kg bench and 235kg deadlift at 85kg)
  • Strength/Power training and rehabilitation for young basketball players to assist in making U/16 representative basketball teams
  • Planned and implemented rehabilitation program for multiple representative netball players under the age of 14
  • Planned and implemented multiple rehabilitation programs for Advanced level crossfitters, allowing them to return to full training and smash PB’s
  • Strength and Conditioning training for high level Mountain Biker
  • Rehabilitation and Strength Programming for recreational lifter on waiting list for shoulder surgery – smashed a 130kg bench press 6 months after initial injury, while still waiting for surgery.

Nick is constantly learning to be able to provide the best service for Strength Shed clients. Some people he has had the privilege of spending time with and learning from include:

  • Amir Fazeli – Top ranked under 83kg Australian powerlifter. Amir is the owner of a world record 316 deadlift
  • Brandon Lilly – Inventor of the Cube Method program and one of only 19 men to ever total over 1000kg raw
  • Benedikt Magnusson – One of the World’s best deadlifter’s, Benedikt holds a World Record 461kg deadlift
  • Andy Bolton – The first man to Deadlift 1000lb in powerlifting competition
  • Mike Tuchscherer – Owner and Head Coach at Reactive Training Systems. Mike is the first man from USA Powerlifting to win a gold medal at the Powerlifting World Games in 2009, and holds multiple IPF deadlift World Records.
  • Eric Lillibridge and Ernie Lilliebridge Snr: Eric is the holder of the All-Time World Record Total Raw w/ wraps with an unbelieveable 1076kg total. Ernie Lillibridge has over 27years experience in competitive powerlifting, and is arguably one of the best powerlifting coaches in the world. He has over 27years competitive powerlifting experience and is the holder of numerous world records.