About Nick

Ever started training as a teenager in the backyard shed using a gym set from his Dad. Nick fell in love with training and immersed himself in old school training books and has not stopped since

Nick has experienced the life changing effects of physical training and wants to help others build confidence and lead the lives they want to. Nick is constantly learning, testing things out on himself and evolving his coaching and methods.


  • Master of Exercise Physiology
  • Functional Range Conditioning FRCMs
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science)
  • MovNat Level 1 Trainer


  • Competitive Powerlifer (Current Best lifts include 190kg squat, 120kg bench and 245kg deadlift at under 83kg)
  • Competed in Weightlifting
  • Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for A1 SportsWest basketball Academy
  • Real MVMT Mentorship with Keegan Smith
  • Cofounder of StrengthFM Podcast
  • Trained in Vik Hawksley’s Coaches program