BJJ Athlete Nick’s Early Morning Session

A description of BJJ Athlete Nick’s 6am session at the Strength Shed. The temperature was 3 degrees celcius outside: it was cold as hell inside the shed and the equipment was freezing. The first thing we did was extend the warm up to make sure injury risk was minimised and performance maximised.

The session:

1A: Trap Bar Deadlift: 145kg 3 x 3

1B: Box Jump 4 x 5

2A: Barbell Floor Press: 95kg 4 x 5

2B: Uneven KB Rows (16kg and 20kg): 4 x 12 each side

3A: Rotational Kettlebell Cleans 4 x 8 each side (these are great for developing rotational power which is vital in combat sports, such as when throwing strikes or opponents)

3B: KB High Pull 4 x 8 each side

For more information about how we program for out combat athletes, see our article

-By Nicholas Mudaliar (Strength Shed Head Coach)

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